La Selva Verde – Birding in the morning

The time at La Selva Verde Lodge showed me, that I was waiting to long for asking a ‘Birding-Guide’. Therefore my first morning session together with ‘Ivan’ was a very interesting experience.

Start at 6am, very humid and warm air, after a rainshower a few minutes before. This was a bit a challenge, especially with that heavy equipment and with my glasses which started to moisture 🙂

This little ‘Long-tailed Tyrant’s’ was for example something which I never would have found / seen without the knowledge of the guide.

I actually wanted to find ‘the’ Toucan, but instead I’ve got many interesting surprises like this Black-checked Woodpecker or the two nesting Tityra’s.

Also no way to find this little hummingbird nest alone.

And my first view of the famous keel billed  TOUCAN 🙂 okey, was too far away and very high on a tree.

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