Toucan’s – what a day :-)

To see one of the Toucan’s is in Costa Rica a must, comparable to the lions in Kenya. It took me actually quite a while getting a chance to have one in front of my camera. So far away for example and too high doesn’t make sense…

I was very happy that on day 7 in Sarapiqui my dream came true and a few of those flying-banana birds came quite close. Especially the Keel-billed Toucan, which is my favorite:

He was together with the Black mandibled Toucan:

On the same day we’ve decided to drive ~45 min to a higher altitude and we’ve  even found the little Emerald Toucanet 🙂 what a day!

The Aracari Toucan was also showing up in this vacation, when we were eating lunch at La Selva Verde lodge, but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me 🙁 now I have another reason to go again to CR.

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